Are There Some Symptoms of Hearing Loss That Should Throw up Red Flags?

Red flag on a wooden pole against a blue sky symbolizing hearing loss symptoms

Hearing loss can be brought on by many things and is usually very aggravating. There are some circumstances where hearing loss is caused by a more severe underlying health condition and isn’t just the result of an injury or aging.

Look out for these hearing loss red flags

There are varieties of red flags that may be an indication of hearing loss and that it’s time to schedule a hearing test appointment. Here are a few of those red flags that should make you take notice.

Difficulties hearing on the phone

You may be having a difficult time hearing phone calls even with the volume setting. You need to call us for a hearing exam if you find yourself continuously turning up the volume on your phone.

Difficulty following conversations

At times, we get lost during conversations even when our hearing is normal, but if it occurs frequently, especially when more than two people are talking, it’s probably a sign of hearing loss.

People around you are complaining about the increasing volume of your TV

It can be difficult to hear television programs, particularly if music is combined with dialog. It’s important to recognize that turning the television up louder doesn’t always clear up the sound. But it’s time to have your hearing examined if your neighbors can hear your TV or if you continuously need the volume on a really high setting.

Difficulty hearing in loud settings

If you are in a public location and the background sound makes it difficult to hear the others with you, it usually means you struggle to filter out background noise and tune into speech. This is one of the most prevalent complaints of individuals who are going through hearing loss.

You say “what” frequently

Just because you can’t hear somebody mumbling several feet from you doesn’t mean you have hearing loss. Still, it might be a red flag that you aren’t receiving and processing speech correctly if the word “what” is the most used word in your vocabulary.

Misunderstanding what people say

It can be an indication of high frequency hearing loss, often an awkward one, if you regularly misunderstand what people are saying. This means you are not capable of discerning the sounds of speech.

If you are dealing with any of the above red flags, you should schedule a hearing assessment as soon as you can. Fortunately, the stigma that was once associated with hearing loss has nearly vanished, the testing is simple, and with the modern advances in hearing aid technologies, there’s no reason for you to continue to suffer with hearing loss.

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